Assets Vs Liabibiltys

First of just wanted to say this is going to be a very long rant on why most people end up broke due to the fact that they have poor financial literacy

About a month ago I had the privilege of getting into kiteboarding and at the same time I was growing my business but the problem was that I couldn’t do both so I had to choose between kiteboarding and my business,

the thing is that I had a lot of money put away and i could easily afford all the kiteboarding gear but that would be the money I needed to further expand my business

even though i did buy the kiteboarding kite I didn’t spend much on it and it was kinda of a nobody mistake but all was well because I was going to hold onto that kite till next year and expand my business during the winter time and then buy the rest of my kiteboarding gear after I had successfully expanded my business

needless to say I actually put of my kiteboarding phase till next year since I had a lot of work to do and it was not going to come easy

I figured out a few kinks in my business like going after very competitive markets that were over saturated and underprices and some markets had dips and some were just frustrating

and not to mention going after areas that were over populated since that drives up the competition and there fore the amount of money you can make as well seen that I had made a lot of mistakes in the past and have learned from them in the future I started going after sub niches and not just a whole industry

for example the Tree service niche there, I went after the would thing in on my site called hence the name The Jacksonville Tree Service

since I should of went after tree removal Jacksonville fl

but after some consideration I should of went after Tree removal and that would of been a lot better and made me money faster since the service itself is 1k+ and I get paid a 10% commission per booking and that would be 100 bucks per service booked

easy right?

problem is that you need to do work on google

aka competitor analysis

I started a site in an impossibly competitive niche, not good

but since I cut short cuts and never did the time to do the thinking and research it ended up costing me

so in the end what did I learn that apply’s to the specific topic of Liabilities and Assets

some business ventures are going to be liabilities as soon as you start them but after you start making profit from them then they are going to become assets

but in that sense you will need to take on the initial time that the business will turn from being a liability to becoming an asset , and you need to give yourself some good ceiling as well since sometimes projects don’t do as well as you wish



Why I Think Amway is A Scam

You probably have been asked by someone to join you to be part of there downline in Amway, They promise you great wealth and rewards to extravagant vacations spots all paid for, but the thing is whats the catch and is it really going to benefit you?


You see the problem I have with Amway is that the people who recruit more people are always telling you about there up-lines successes and barley showing them there own

for instance

My brother

He joined Amway

One day we were shopping in our local shopping mall and we met with a friend of our and he started telling her I can help you turn into a multi millionaire in 5 years and all this good stuff

the problem is how do you teach people how to become a millionaire if you yourself are not a millionaire?

In the business that I joined recently I was taught some things and I implemented those things and I do not allow myself to even teach people non the less get people involved in what I do without without asking this simple question

“based on my results in this business would you like to join me?”

If I can’t comfortably ask that to anyone and be confident that people would like to model my success then your to young and you should get back to building you business

but since Amway is Amway they recruit a bunch of young and stupid people to go out and find more young and stupid

and that is the problem I have with Amway is that they point fingers at there up line and using there success to convince the masses that this will work while they themselves have nothing to show for it even a couple dollars in there pocket

so I just want to end with this simple quote

“don’t take advice from people who you don’t want to switch places with”

So with that being said the whole system crumbles because you are not being mentors directly but indirectly even though you get to see them every so often they don’t exactly sit down with you and talk to you what needs to happen

2. The success rate

The success rate of people who go into Amway and actually end up being millionaires or even breaking even in some case are actually very slim like 1-3% slim


Ya that is some stats so for every 100 that go in 1-3 may end up being a millionaire and the odds of that even happening are slim

but the thing is they brag about how many millionaires they make each year

the thing is becoming a millionaires is not that as hard as you think

start a company provide a service or product to and sell 1 million dollars worth of product or service but in order to do that you need to learn how to leverage people and money and you will be a millionaire in no time

you still need a plan to be a millionaire don’t think that a job is going to cut it

have a good sunday and get to work building your online businesses

and take care

















Whats The Point of Retirement – My Life Story

Having a job and making 100k a year is becoming very bland and boring not to mention that you have all the toys and no time to use them, then at the end of that you become an old man or woman with no energy to go out and enjoy the rest of your life, or at least the end of it?

I have met many people who have only once income stream and they are very attached to it since it dedicates most of there lives and when they get to the end of there life they end up dead and not wanting to do anything

Yet parents still rely on the old sayings and give old advice as to go out get good grades get a job and enjoy it till you can reach retirement and live well for 5 years of your life

who wants to work 40 years non stop just to get 5 years of peace and enjoyment

well I’m not one of those people, and what pisses me off is what people say to me when they find out I don’t have a job, why the hell would I want to spend time and energy into something that would only pay me once?

its makes more sense for you to build a business that actually makes you money in the long run and then settle for short term income aka job

think about it as this

there is a big difference between taking the time to plant a seeds and water and help those seeds grow to feed you vs going out and helping someone else grow there garden and only pay you a small piece of the results

Kinda reminds of the quote

“If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build theirs”

In essence this is what is happening but no one is seeing it in plane site

so what is the point?

have you though what your doing with your time?

Me on the other hand I took the other approach to live

I started when I was young

18 right out of high school and I started to read a lot of books and take in a lot of informations and I found a job that took that away from me and in 6 months time I quit that job because I felt that I was being over worked and under payed for what I was doing at the time
and one of the books I read was “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and that book kinda got me thinking differently because who the heck wants to work 40 years for someone and take orders?

Not me for sure

So i started out building an online business

3 years later figured out its not working so I went back to work to save up some money to buy some courses from people who are already making it

6 months later same thing

got laid off and went about building my business, but this time it actually started to work out money at first was tricking into my PayPal account then it just started to drop then slightly poor and It grew from there

but the funniest part of my business was mostly online I started an SEO firm and from there I actually had built up a repeatable brand and a new services that was booming and I was still living at my parents at that time and they called me lazy because they have no clue or even Idea of how anyone can make some income online

so this went on for a little while my brother joined Amway and was always making fun of me because my income was only linear even though he himself had not made a penny in his business and he was always teasing me about how he is building his business and he is going to become a multi millionaire while I would only be a millionaire

Amway is great I actually joined before I started my business but I couldn’t leverage it in any way since I was shy and at the end of the day I couldn’t see it making my life or anyone else’s life better even if they did have good products

My business revolves around results and if I cant give those results to the business owner I am working with I don’t and I cant get paid because those are the morals I have in place in my life and in my business and that is what separates me from any other SEO company is those morals and that is what has lead to my success and most importantly kept me there


Anways back to why I love my life now and why you should go out and do your own thing

Mind your own business as Robert from “Rich Dad Poor Dad” would put it

so why you should listen to me vs any of your parents advice to going to school and getting an education so you can be stuck in a box for 40 years even though it pays you 100k a year

the thing is even if I paid you 100k a year and you had to trade your time for money 40-80 hours a week for that money would you still do it?

most of you would probably say no some of you would say yes but the thing that matters the most is your happiness would you be happy if you worked yourself to death over 100k a year?

the answer should be no Because you cannot buy your time and your health back, and those are the 2 key fundamentals of life for you to have happiness


Anways thats my rant for today see you guys next time
















Passive Income + Life = Awesome Life

Have you ever wondered how do people afford crazy sports cars, houses, mansions, and how do they have so much time off and still have millions left in there pocket

simply they have what I like to call passive income and they control there expenditures by living bellow there means

Kinda reminds me of the Iceberg from titanic people see only a small part of my income when the rest is invested into assets

they live below there means meaning they don’t spend what they make they spend a little bit of what they make and reinvest the rest to make them more vs what the rest of the world does is spend what they earn and go back and get some more at there job

that is what keeps most people trapped in the rat race because they don’t know how to use the money they have wisely and they don’t know what an asset is?

you probably heard that at your job thank you Steven your a great asset to this company

Yes you are an asset to there company

Because you make them more money that they pay you and there fore you are a good investment for them since you make them money

Make Sense?

Assets make money, liabilities take money 

if you have no clue what Im talking about now go invest into a book called

“Rich Dad Poor Dad”by Robert Kiyosoki

in this book they will teach you the basics of money and different money making quadrants

Employee: Trades Time For Money usually gets paid what other people think he is worth

Small Business: Trades Time For More Money since he is a specialist dentist doctor etc

Big Business: Leverages People to make him money big companies like Microsoft, Google

Investor: uses money to make more money

And also let you into the rich and how they play the game

cool got it

go out and make yourself rich







Starting Out Is Hard But Its Worth Is

Have you ever been mudding?

and you get stuck

Well starting feels like that, especially when you start all it feels like your doing is spinning your tires and doesn’t feel like your going anywhere and your family lets you know that everyday

So how do you go through that?

Let me tell you that success is the greatest revenge and when I finally did my first 5k month and dropped the money on the dinner table at my dads house and laughed and said dad your a lazy guy

so you dont get me wrong but as I was building my business and helping out local clients my dad never saw that as an actual business and he never saw the rewards aka cash, my paypal acount for that matter I never showed him becuase at first it was nothing but after time I thought why not he is pissing me off why doing I just piss him off

Any ways that is when I went to the bank pulled out 5k in 50s and showed him the money as a way of saying stop talking smack

Getting Away from Negativity and Average

The thing is that building my business did not come easy I spent money were I shouldn’t of and put time in projects that actually lost me money I didn’t know the better and from that I learned a great deal of things and let me tell you off the bat that the biggest deal of failure comes from not hanging out with average and negative people

if you think that hearing every day

your lazy

go get a job

your business is not going anywere

leave it alone and get a job

do it after you get back from your job

and the list goes on and on


Find Your Happy Place

I always did my best work in the morning and night because I would go into my zone and just put on some trap music and kinda let it sink in for 15 minutes get all pumped up and get to work on my latest project

In the morning I worked outside on the balcony and at night inside my room were no one could touch me and talk to me and just leave me alone


During the day I did what I could since parents pulled me away to go Somewhere to camp, fish, ect but I rarely went


Bust your ass of intel your living a dream

That could not be said enough

Freedom starts financially

I never met a happy person who doest make a lot of money yes they do exist but its hard for them to stay that way because when your living above average and they are living average its hard for them to appreciate what they have because everyone has what they have


 Use Anger & Frustration as your fuel

I was mad and frustrated at my parents for not understanding what I was going through because they thought I just sat on my computer and watched movies on Facebook and vines etc I did but only after I did some crazy work or competed a deal with a client I rewarded my self with something funny

That was my number one priority and it worked out pretty well

you should channel all your anger and hatred all towards your business your trying to start and use that hatred as fuel to push you to do more and more

and one day you will end up on top at least that is what I did

Doing Something vs Looking Busy 

Turn off your Facebook

Close Instagram

Stop Twitter

Hide your phone


And get to work focus on things that make you money and if you have the money outsource the things that do nothing in this case

the difference between looking busy and making money is solved in this simple question

what Im doing is it directly connected to making me money?

when Im out prospecting for clients I know that I am selling my service to local businesses and that is in direct connection to making me money


Get To Work! 

The simplest way I can say it wake up do your routine and then get to work

don’t stop intel you need to eat or stand up for a while work 45mins and take a 15 min break



Benifits of Having Clean Carpets at Home

When furnishing your home or office, carpets are going to be the most costly items to buy. Therefore, it will be natural for you to maintain your carpets’ quality to guarantee their life expectancy.

Carpets function as the initial defense against soil, dust and grit, and when vacuumed regularly, this gets rid of these issues. Nothing surpasses expert cleaning; as it gets rid of soils which are deeply embedded, maintaining your carpet’s freshness.

By treating stains fast with the correct solutions, you can ensure your carpets are cleaner, enabling you to enjoy your clean carpet more.

Benefits of Having a Clean Carpet

  • Keeping carpets clean can avoid young kids, grownups with eczema, asthma and other allergies from encountering too much dust, hair from pets or germs. With the increase of health concerns, this leads to rising importance for maintenance of carpets to facilitate their health and appearance.

  • When a carpet is appropriately maintained, this enhances your health, quality of air and works to filter soil, dust and different contaminants like sand and hair. Regular carpet cleaning should be taken as a component of a healthy lifestyle.

  • When your carpets are deodorized and steam cleaned, this keeps away contaminants from outdoors like sand and dirt the whole year. This decreases health issues like cancers and other illnesses of the respiratory system.

  • When a carpet does not have dust particles, this is definitely helpful to your lungs; and this will in turn enhance the lives of small children or any other person suffering from asthma or allergies triggered by dust.

  • Any home which has young kids will reap the benefits of a carpet which is steam cleaned as a fresh, ample carpet will reduce chances of injuries and cuts caused by falls. When your carpet is clean, the carpet’s natural freshness provides a soft surface for small children.

  • Many times when you visit someone’s home, among the initial factors you take notice of is the floor. Is it comfortable to walk on this floor without shoes? Is the carpet is in dire need of stain removal? When a carpet is clean, it portrays a clean home and facilitates in assisting guests to feel welcome.

  • You should not feel bad when asking your guests to leave their shoes outside; simple acts like this greatly enhance your carpet’s cleanliness. Clean carpets greatly add to your home’s comfort.

  • Using a regimen for removing stains on carpets when something spills can prolong your carpet’s life. When some substances get spilled on the carpet they are capable of consuming the fibers and the carpet gets worn quickly. Ensure stains are kept away from your carpet as this keeps your carpet looking new and prolongs its life.


Ensuring carpets are clean can enhance your health and your family’s as well, and builds a great first impression for visitors. You can prolong your carpet’s life by preventing serious wear and tear; by requesting your visitors to politely leave their shoes outside.

These are among the great benefits of ensuring your carpets are clean!